I Ching

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When you have a question, type it in the box, and click on the "Ask I Ching" button below:

Please note that your question is anonymous and private, and that it is only used to create a random seed for the random number generator.

If you prefer to cast your own coins, use the pull-down menus below to convert the results into hexagrams.

Please note that the method used for the pull-down menu method is as follows:

Add up the total of the coins using 2 points for yin (tails)
   and 3 points for yang (heads).

Draw the first line (remember to start at the ground),
    Value  Line    Meaning
      6    --x--   old/moving Yin line
      7    -----   Yang line
      8    -- --   Yin line
      9    --o--   old/moving Yang line

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